Grief & Bereavement

Grief is a natural response to a loss of any kind. It is an experience that encompasses the whole person. It affects us physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually. Grief allows us to do the important work of accepting and processing our loss and it enables us to prepare for life ahead. It is a natural experience and not a problem to be fixed or eliminated. Rather, a grieving person needs a safe and supportive environment in which to experience and explore their grief in a way that makes sense to them.

Our Volunteers

Our bereavement volunteers are trained to be present to another’s struggles and to listen without advising or judging. They respect that every individual grieves differently and at his or her own pace. Clients and volunteers are carefully matched by our staff and we support all traditions, faiths and walks of life. Bereavement support groups provide a structured, supportive environment in which to learn and connect with others who have shared the experience of loss.

We offer bereavement support for up to 13 months after the loss of a loved one.