Clinical Navigation

Deciding what kinds of help you or a loved one may need during an illness can be challenging. There may be medical, emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological needs to be addressed. Knowing who to speak to, which agency is best suited to meet your needs, and whether you qualify for service are things Hospice Services’ Clinical Navigator can help with.

About Clinical Navigation

Our Hospice Clinical Navigator is a nurse who helps identify services that will support the goals of a person’s care. Their role is to act as a constant point of contact for patients and caregivers throughout an illness. They are available to answer questions, suggest services and supports that may ease the burden of living with an illness and help organize care to reflect your or your loved one’s wishes.

This support can be provided no matter where you reside:

  • Home
  • Hospice Bed
  • Retirement or Supportive Living Facilities

There is NO cost or age restriction to receive this service.